KOH Maintenance & Service

24-Hour Service

Commercial Plumbing • Mechanical • HVAC/R • Drain Cleaning

Do you want a contacting company who understands your frustrations in receiving work that was not done correctly the first time?

We understand this as we are continuing to fix poor and faulty work done by others.

Our knowledge, expertise, equipment and experience ensure that you can trust that you are getting the right solution, the first time.

We stand by our work with our fully backed warranty.

What Makes K.O.H. Mechanical Service Different?

  1. All drain service technicians are licensed plumbers.
  2. Strong statement of service commitment.
  3. Single source complete contractor for all mechanical building needs.
  4. Value focused preventative maintenance.
  5. Customer Service: We have a passion for unparalleled service and a strong desire to make every project successful.

Plumbing Service Scope of Work:

  • Pipe lining and repair*
  • Mechanical and plumbing repair
  • Sewer and water line excavation
  • Certified medical gas piping
  • Backflow prevention certified
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Camera and line location
  • Jetting cleaning
  • Rooter and drain cleaning

*We are one of the few companies in Utah that has pipe-lining equipment. Lateral lining is a trenchless repair technology - pipe-within-a-pipe. When the existing pipe is still in a circular shape, but has problems such as separation, root penetration or corrosion. No digging, trenching or concrete cutting & replacement is needed. Most repairs can be done in a day and is cost effective.

Symbiotic Service

Our HVAC/R and plumbing service teams work side-by-side to mutually ensure that your systems are always running efficiently. To do this, we continually build relationships with manufacturers and other contractors. We keep our technicians and plumbers trained and up-to-date with current with current systems and equipment. Our pride in training and customer service gives you peace of mind, while ensuring you get the best service for your systems.

HVAC/R Service - Scope of Work:

  • Manufacturer Certified Work
  • Ice Makers
  • Freezers/Refrigerators
  • Boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Package Rooftops
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Air Handlers
  • Frequency Drives
  • VRF Systems

Scope of Service

Our goal with our 24-Hour service is to always offer competitive pricing to our customers. We feel we can help control costs by being proactive in preventative maintenance. We focus only on commercial, industrial and medical accounts and service. We are the only service contractor with all licensed plumbers and experienced HVAC technicians - technicians who have the knowledge, history and top-of-the-line equipment to meet all of your building needs.

One Stop Shop

K.O.H. Mechanical will make your life easier by being a one-stop service shop. We can handle the full scope of your mechanical systems needs. Call us to find out how great our service can be for you and your company.
Some of our clients include: Salt Lake International Airport, University of Utah, IHC, St. Mark's Hospital, Woodbury and WCF Insurance Co.
References available upon request.